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It allows both beginners and professionals to train explosive strength in a fun and safe way.
These soft kettlebells, made of fabric, are a total innovation in the fitness industry, essential for functional training beginners, but also useful for professionals, as an alternative to cast-iron kettlebells.
They preserve both floors and body parts, even when users accidentally lose their grip.
Covered in strong Cordura fabric and technical materials, they are suitable for work environments where the safety of people and equipment is the first priority.
Equipped with anti-burst valves.


Available weights (kg): 4, 6, 8, 10

Codice prodotto
Select an item:
Kettle Soft 4 kg
Kettle Soft 4 kg
codice: KW7204C
Kettle Soft 6 kg
Kettle Soft 6 kg
codice: KW7206C
Kettle Soft 8 kg
Kettle Soft 8 kg
codice: KW7208C
Kettle Soft 10 kg
Kettle Soft 10 kg
codice: KW7210C

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