Codice: KW0050
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Kwell’s functional training sled has been created for those who want to practice “resistance training”, a training method that consists in dragging a mass only by using one’s body’s strength. This training method helps to improve some specific abilities, such as strength, explosiveness, reactivity and resistance to effort.

Two features make this sled unique and innovative: it is soft and it can be loaded with traditional functional bags.

This brand new tool can be easily put back (just like a mat), it can be loaded with one to five bags and it is provided with a sliding surface suited to the newest functional training areas’ rubber floors.

This tool is particularly recommended also for outdoor training on grass football fields. As it is provided with a strap to be hooked to belts or harnesses, it can be easily transported.

  • Width (cm): 60
  • Length (cm): 86
  • Weight (Kg): 2

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