• 1. Is the K-Well Tecnocomponent website an online sale’s platform?
    The K-Well website is a B2B platform for fitness professionals: gyms owners, personal trainers and managers. Surfing through the website you can learn more about our products, ask for a preventive with prices to particular customers and get updates on our special offers.
  • 2. I would like to learn more about your products, who could help me?
    - Surfing through the site www.kwell.it you can receive mostly of the technical and commercial information.
    - Consult our catalog: http://goo.gl/HXX9ai. A photo and a technical sheet for each product will help you in your choice.
    - Call at the phone number +39 0547 313288 to speak with our staff or ask for a consultation.
    - If you are interested in our update, subscribe to our Newsletter. Send an e-mail with all your questions to: sales@kwell.it
  • 3. I would like to buy some products but I would like also to know their price. What could I do?
    - Putting your product in your basket and choosing the option PRICE REQUEST, an e-mail with all the prices for gym will be sent in real time.
    - Call at the phone number +39 0547 313288 and you will have the chance to ask your prices or fix an appointment.
    - ISend an e-mail to sales@kwell.it, with your name, last name, location and your company name; Put, if you can, the codes of the products you wish to learn more about.
  • 4. Which is the difference between PRIECES REQUEST and PRO-FORMA INVOICE REQUEST?
    With the prices request you’ll receive, on your e-mail address, the price of our catalog. Instead, the pro-forma invoice request, will give you, in a few days, our best offer including the transport’s costs, a discount on quantity, our promotional prices, payment methods and information about the time of delivery. Both requests don’t force our customer to buy, so they are not binding.
  • 5. Who does benefit of the catalog’s prices?
    K-Well products’ prices in this website are destined to B2B sale and so they are thought only for specialized fitness centres and/or for those who possess a VAT number.
  • 6. Is there a minimal quantity of merchandising that I have to order to receive special prices?
    Yes, there is a minimal price of 300 €.
  • 7. Can I receive the products’ prices catalog?
    For commercial reasons we don’t publish our prices’ catalog in a paper or digital form, but if you want, simple methods to learn about them are available.
  • 8. What could be the methods of transport
    The Express Courier. The order done, one staff member will advise our costumer about the merchandise’s status. If the shipping has been planned, in 48/72 hours the courier will deliver the merchandise. Transport normally does not include products’ portarage and assembly.
  • 9. Why must I pay the cost of transport?
    The prices in the website refer only to the product, not to other costs. For this reason we add a contribution for the cost of transport, unless the products are directly recalled at our offices of Via Fossalta, 3895 – 47522 Cesena (FC) Italy.