Our Story

Located in Cesena, in the heart of the Wellness Valley, Kwell has a widespread presence on the national territory and operates, through a network of distributors, 

in over 15 countries. Each year it handles more than 5,000 shipments, serving approximately 3,000 active customers globally. 

As a distributor of important foreign brands and evolved in 2006 with the Kwell brand, becoming the creator and manufacturer of fitness solutions.

With over 30 years of experience, today we operate in the area of wellness offering 

innovative and cutting-edge sports solutions, representing the true essence 

of made in Italy fitness accessories.

Kwell manufactures and distributes 

its products in different national and international market channels: gyms and sports centers, personal training studios, home gym, retail and e-commerce. 

Thanks to decades of experience and production capacity, Kwell is able to offer customized product solutions and services. 

Since 2015 we have been helping wellness industry professionals 

to create sports centers in line with their business idea and the most advanced solutions in the sector. From the creative to the executive design, comparing all the possibilities and providing a complete supply of technical flooring, rack stations and accessories.



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