The professional selection of fitness boxes to train plyometrics and explosive strength.

The plyo boxes, also known as plyometric jump boxes, are very popular tools in the functional and cross training panorama. The plyometry boxes are extremely solid, versatile and functional, that is why they represent a valid tool for training explosive strength, proprioception and muscle conditioning.

In wood, iron or comfortable soft material, Kwell jump boxes are available in various shapes, sizes and dimensions. Our soft plyoboxes are 100% made in Italy with high quality materials and fabrics, and designed to absorb shocks and vibrations and to preserve the user over time. From Plyo All-In-One, which can be used in three different positions (heights), to Dadobox, the must-have of the functional and fitness boutiques, 4 parallelepipeds of different height, stackable on top of each other; from Monolitik, the plyobox designed for couple training and as a substitute for a flat bench, to Soft Jerk Box, for absorbing the dropping of the barbell.

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