Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf

SYNTHETIC TURF: The professional selection of the most real synthetic turf on the market, for limitless physical performance.

TURF by PAVIGYM is premium quality artificial grass designed for high performance in functional training in indoor or outdoor areas. Thanks to its high-precision joints made with the most innovative technology, Pavigym synthetic sports turf reaches the exceptional amount of 84,000 stitches per m2. It is designed and manufactured in Spain with innovative technologies to give you the best resistance during dragging and weight exercises. Aesthetically flawless, durable and above all performing thanks to the composition of its materials, such as polyethylene, which gives it maximum thermal and chemical resistance with excellent impact resistance, or polyurethane, which is characterized by its elasticity, its high resistance to abrasion, wear, tear, oxidation and ozone, preserving the mechanical properties (elasticity) even at very low temperatures.

TURF SPRINT 2.0 - 16 mm TURF SPRINT 2.0 - 16 mm 2
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Synthetic Turf

TURF SPRINT 2.0 - 16 mm

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Synthetic Turf

TURF SPRINT 2.0 - 22 mm

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